Saturday, June 03, 2006


Is it War or Terror

The hatred and contempt for the military policies and actions of the United States and Israel is unanimous among the international community of nations. The “War on Terror” declared by the United States, Great Britain and Israel is perceived, as terror within it’s self by the majority of nations in the rest of the world. By making the day-to-day living condition worst for the majority of Iraqi and Palestinian people is only creating fertile ground for the extremists in the region. Without addressing the problems in the foundation of the history of the region the problems will continue to only get worst.

If it were not for the large oil reserves in the Middle East there would be very little global concern for the people or land in the Middle East, with the exception of the Jewish people in their fight for the Jewish State of Israel. The evolution of the modern Jewish State of Israel and the western industrial nations demand for more oil came about the same time in the world’s history. Iran and Iraq both had populist leaders at one point in history that were undermined and overthrow by the western industrial oil consuming nations i.e. by the United States and Great Britain. All because they wanted of nationalize their nation’s oilfields much a President Chavez of Venezuela or President Putin of the Russia today.

The Palestinians had an election in 2005 that Hamas won the election fair and square. According to former President Jimmy Carter who was a personal observer with an international delegation, it was one of the most honest and problem free democratic elections he had observed. Neither governments of Israel nor of the United States will recognize or negotiate with the Hamas government trying to starve the Palestinian people into submission. Today the conditions and standard of living of the Palestinian and Iraqi people are at a new modern time low with the United States and State of Israel being held responsible for the conditions. Having so many poor people living in inhumane conditions on the other side of the boarder such as Israeli with the Palestinian people or the United States with Mexican people creates un-securable boarder.

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