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Wake Up America my first Blog post

Today I edited Wake Up America my first Blog post. I did not up-date it and was originally written sometime in 2004. Things are the same with them only getting worse.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006
Wake Up America

A combination of political and economic changes are needed. Starting with campaign finance reform, medical health insurance, energy, foreign and military policies, right down to what is in our national interest and security. In a quest for more power and control the United States federal government has over step it’s boundaries in the lives of American people as well as the people’s rights in other nations. The United States may win the military war while losing the diplomatic battle for peace, while isolating itself from the rest of the nations in the world.

Understanding that our energy policies are connected to our environmental, political, economical and social problems in America and the world. Realizing that there is not enough world oil for other nations in the world to consume oil as does the United States. Our abusive energy policies are straining our relationship with many other nations in the world raising the global level of tension. A balance between what is in our national interest and global interest has to be made more rational and fair.

With our dependence on other nations for our high standard of living as a society. This has been at the expense of other nations. The American people are consuming 25% of the worlds oil while making-up less than 5% of the world’s population. The amount of the world’s natural resources, that the American consumers has turned into garbage, is a crime in its own right. With the world’s population growing to new levels like never before. This is creating a major strain on the earth’s limited natural resources with fresh drinking water and oil. They are disappearing almost at the same rate from mother earth.

The oil industry being the primary leader in our energy policies. They have a disproportional amount of influence over our government’s national and foreign policies. For the United States as part of its foreign policies to have another nation’s natural resources as part of its national security is wrong. In the self serving interest of the big oil companies we have an imbalance in our energy policies that are putting us in great danger. Utilizing our military and military industrial complex to guarantee the global flow of oil is putting our national security in great jeopardy. Trading oil for weapons of death and destruction while neglecting the humanitarian needs of the people has been and is our current policies today in the Middle East. The over lapping interests of the oil and energy industry and military industrial complex has miss led the American people and government to the truths and realities of the facts.

Special interest groups invest millions of dollars into lobbing our government officials for multi-billion dollar contracts, policies and favors. This was clearly the case of the pharmaceutical drug bill that was passed in 2003. A drug bill written by the pharmaceutical and HMO lobbies, that is being paid for by the American people. With un-parallel influence the Wahington D.C. lobbies have control over our government policies in their field of self-interest. David Global/Crier

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