Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Sport Time Verses Political Time

More of the American people should be more informed & involved with their government’s day to day operations. If only the American people dedicated a quarter of the time they dedicate as sports fans. Our national political system would look a lot different. If we lived in Jamaica there would be no problem. The government of Jamaica’s international footprint and impact on global affairs is rather minimal. Where it is quite to the contrary with the United States government’s footprint and impact on global affairs.

The internet is like having the Library of Congress at your finger tips. Where you can get real time information right from the horse’s mouth. is one of the most under-utilized internet tools that the American people can use in getting their voices heard. It is an easy way the American people can send a letter to their elected official leaders, in their federal, state and local governments. is a convenient way to follow the bills that your elected officials vote on.

If the average everyday American sport fan knew as much about their government and elected officials as they do about the players and statistics of their favored team. Our Congressional system would look and operate a lot differently especially with a 10% approval rating. Most people will agree that professional sports and our national political system have been ruined by too much money within the system. With the American people paying for it all the way.

Once the American people get their priorities in order than you will see a change in our government’s priorities. It is not only who we elect into office that is the problem. As much as the system its self that is broken and out of balance that needs to be reformed. There has been too many K Street single issue lobbyists that have been writing & passing the bills and laws we have today. Only with more American people partaking in the American political system will things change for the better. David Global Crier is a good and easy way to get letters to your elected officials. - Get informed, get involved

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