Monday, February 27, 2012


The Religious Fundamentalist Extremists Are no Different on the Other Side

Let us make it simple and clear as possible. You have many of the same warmongers that were pounding the drums for war with Iraq that are pounding the drums for more war with Iran today. You could almost use the same play book by just changing the names. Many of them are the Jewish and Christian religious fundamentalist extremists in America and Israel who believe and want to see the first (Jewish) or the second (Christian) coming of Christ at the time of Armageddon. It is the State of Israel that supplies a lot of so called Middle Eastern intelligence to the United States and western nation’s governments for the case to go to war with Iraq and today with Iran. By trying to convince the other governments that they are an external threat.

When you have the State of Israel and the Saudi Arabia governments on the same page for going to war with Iran. Saudi Arabia being almost a pure Sunni nation with many Islamic religious fundamentalist extremists that are on the same page as the Christian and Jewish fundamentalist extremists in the United States and Israel. Compounded by the fact these are two of the worlds largest military industrial complexes that want to test out some of their new war toys.

There is no question that most people in the Middle East see the State of Israel as the fifty-first state of the United States. That any action or reaction taken by the State of Israel or against the State of Israel is an attack on the United States. Today the Middle East is in a state of war with the religious fundamentalist extremists running the show in Israel, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. With the religious extremists of the Republican party fighting to regain control of the United State’s foreign and domestic policies.

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