Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Truth & Consequences

Too much of the time we here from the enemies of the foes to what they are saying. The Palestinian and Iranian government officials have a public relation problem in the United States because they do not speak English. Most of what we hear from them in the American mainstream mass media are lines and quotes from their strongest adversaries most of whom do not speak their language. So how are the American people suppose to know the real position of the Palestinian and Iranian leaders when we hear more what they are saying from their enemies.

With the pro Israelis being great masters of the manipulation of the American mainstream mass media in getting their message out to the American people. Too often it is the American people who never hear the truth to the realities on the ground when it comes to the Israelis adversaries and enemies. Today we are on the cusp of yet another war with Iran because of the the Israelis. At what point will the American government and people wake-up to the ill ways of the Israeli government in there war mongering ways.

Today the Israeli military raided and disabled two of the Palestinian TV broadcasting stations in the West Bank. Little to none thing will be said about it in the American mainstream media beside a footnote in the scrolling ticker at the bottom of the screen of the TV or the back page of the newspaper. Both the Palestinians and Iranians have little to no way of protesting the false charges and illegal actions of the Israeli government in the United States mass media system. Most of the American people are totally unaware of the Israeli governments censorship of any news that is disseminated from Israel concerning the state of affairs with the Palestinians.

There are many American people that would like to hear from the leaders of Iran and Palestine in English to what their policies are toward the State of Israel and the Jewish people. Too often we hear from the supporters of Israel loud and clear what they say are the plans and policies of the Iranian and Palestinian governments. A clear confirmation or denial of the Israeli accusations is needed so more Americans can have a better understanding to the truth.

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