Friday, February 10, 2012


The Sane Verses the Insane

The sane verses the insane with the insane extremists winning most of the time. Whether it is on or in the mass media news on TV or in print the inflammatory extremists get the headlines with the highest ratings. Leaving little time and front page room for the moderates in the middle. Whether it is the rhetoric from the extreme right or the extreme left they get the most coverage that inflames the people in the middle as well as the people on the other side. This is true all around the world. It is part of human nature. It unites people and divides the people creating the different sides.

No where is this clearer than in the Palestinian/Israeli crisis, the issue of going to war, political campaigns as well as the moral issues. Generally speaking there will be one side of the establishment that is well financed with the other side that is challenging the status-quo that is running on a shoe-string budget. This is the part of the matrix of our system and human nature that makes it harder in solving our problems. Just look at what extreme the National Rifle Association (NRA) will go to defend the American peoples right to own and possess an assault rifle. Or the United States establishment’s campaign to going into war verses the peacemakers who are labeled as traitors and being anti patriots.

The military industrial complex has a vested interest in supporting the military State of Israel, the American people’s right to own an assault rifle and the pounding of the drums for more war. They are all good for more sales and higher profits. There is no way to peace with such great profits being monopolized by a few people and corporations by going to war. The candidates of the two major political parties in the United States cannot challenge the current status-quo without being politically destroyed and discredited as a viable leader. Just look at how fast and how high our federally elected leaders in Washington D.C. move up the ladder to powerful positions by being for more wars. Then look at our federally elected leaders that stand-up speaking out against more war. For the most part they are sidelined and shunned by the establishment often made out to being misfits. Just look at these members of Congress such as Senator Bernard Sanders, Congressman Denis Kucinich and Congressman Ron Paul as good examples of this. Then look at the Congressional leaders of the House and Senate and how much money they have received from the supporters of the military industrial complex and the militarization of the State of Israel as well as the Middle East region. David Global Crier

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