Thursday, February 16, 2012


The Pro Israelis Versus David Global Crier

This is what I am hearing from the pro Israel side of the current State of Israel’s policies and military actions. Israel up-roots and leaves Gaza. What does Israel get thousands of rockets fired into southern Israel from Hamas in Gaza. Now, no one would like to have rockets fired into their homeland endangering the lives of their people. Then the pro Israeli supporters try to make some ridiculous comparison what if Canada or Mexico was firing rockets into the United States. The problem with this comparison is that we have not formed a military blockade totally cutting them off from the outside world for years. We have not repeatedly bombed them destroying their infrastructure over the years. We have not assassinated and imprisoned their elected leaders over the years. If we had done any of the same things to our neighbors that the Israelis have done to the people of Gaza and the West Bank. I know the nations of the world’s condemnations would be a lot louder and a lot worse than anything Israel has seen so far. Most of the informed people of the world seeing the Israeli military actions ( collective punishment, targeted assassinations and excessive military force) against Gaza and the West Bank as being in violation of international laws and treaties.

One of the other things I hear a lot from the pro Israeli side is that you can’t trust them they are terrorists. The Palestinian/Arabs want all of the land driving the Jewish people into the sea. The problem with this scenario is that the foreign occupiers have always had military control over their land for many centuries. Today its the Jewish State of Israel is controlling 100% of what was formally known as Palestine. How does an invading foreign nation of people take control of almost all of the land without terrorizing the indigenous people? While the Israelis are claiming to be the victims by the people they mostly control. How can one nation of people claim so many victories in war and conflicts while still claiming to be the victims so many years later is quite puzzling.

When I talk of Peace in the Palestinian/Israeli Crisis. The most common response is “ Not in my lifetime, maybe in my children’s lifetime”. It is this kind of pessimistic outlook that keeps peace a delusion. Yes, it is an up hill struggle all the way, but it is one worth working for the future generations to come. In my short lifetime things have only gotten worse for the Palestinian people. It is quite obvious that my generation and the ones older than mine have not done a very good job in their quest for peace in this crisis. Making my job and the future generations job that much harder in finding a peaceful way for the two people to exist on one land. David Global Crier

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