Tuesday, December 21, 2010


What President Obama’s Health Care Reform Missed

To start off with medical tort reform and the ability for interstate health insurances competition should have been part of the Obama Health Care bill that was past. On top of that the Obama Health Care was never connected to the problem of more American jobs. With hospitals closing all around the country at the same time our country has the greatest amount in numbers of people heading into their elder years. That the current and projected cost health care to the cities, states, federal governments as well as old large American corporations is driving the system broke. Too many promises have been made that cannot be kept under our old system.

A clear and better picture to what total Obama Health Care reform would look like and how it would work should have been made. The American Educational system could be a comparison to what the American health care system should become. Meaning we have great public and private Universities and Colleges as well as some for profit and some for non-profit too. The same should be true in the American health care system with a better balance between the profit and non-profit organizations.

The Obama Health Care should have set more goals to make the picture clearer to the American people. Such as increasing the number of medical educated students by a million over the next ten years. We need more physician assistance, nurses, and medical technicians to work in our local communities. To open five-hundred new non-profit medical clinics over the next five years. These clinics would not be government run. They would be run by groups that are already operating some medical non-profit clinics today. That the public school nurse should be able to give a child an aspen without the liability of a massive lawsuit.

Only by building out a stronger and better non-profit wing of the American health care system will we create more competition bringing down the per person cost. A stronger bond with more bridges are needed between the profit and non-profit medical services. With America losing all kinds of jobs all over the country the medical field is one place we need more of them all around the country. American Health Care reform is one part of putting the American people back to work.

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