Sunday, January 08, 2012


By Only Looking Back We Will Never Be Able To Solve Our Problems Going Forward

Trying to unite people to finding a way to peace is much harder than uniting them into war and conflicts. For the most part the same thing can be said about people. Where it is much easier to unite people against something or someone rather than unite for something positive and good. Just look at the world of politics, and news for an example. The extreme usually taking the front page and most of the space and time of the coverage or debate. Leaving very little room and time for the vast majority of people that are closer to the middle.

With it being much harder to build and create than it is to tear down and destroy. We often see things the wrong way by the narration we are given by the establishment. This does not just happen on our side but on all sides at many different levels and platforms throughout society. Too often when something good comes along such as The Ark that is ignored, sidetracked or dismissed by too many people on both sides for one reason or another. With both sides holding to there own points of contention rather than trying to move forward into un-charter waters with too many unknowns.

The deeper you get into the details the greater the disagreements become. Whether you are talking about what happen in the past {history} or what is going to happen in the future. You will never correct or undo the wrongs of the past. If you only look at and go back to the past. You have to look forward into the future for the changes that will make things different for the better. But this is often ignored and never gotten too because we are looking and going back. Bringing us to a point of only repeating our same mistakes over and over creating a cycle. Global Crier

P.S. If you think starting with the implementation of the Rand Corporation’s plan the arc A Formal Structure for a Palestinian State is a good step toward peace. Write to your elected representatives informing them of your support of the Arc plan and or email them at Congress.o
rg http// Global Crier


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