Saturday, January 14, 2012


The Great Snow Storm and How Two People Can See the Same Thing so Differently

We had a very early heavy snow storm in late October that knocked out the power on the East Coast for many days and two weeks for some. I had my brother and sister in-law staying with me that weekend. They are both born-again Christians that moved from New York to the Bible belt right after college, first Tulsa, Oklahoma then just out side of Atlanta, Georgia. The storm came in Saturday afternoon and my wife, teenage daughter and brother/sister in-law were all out of the house doing what they had planned.

I am home alone trying to get ready for a storm that was catching all of us by surprise. I was having problems getting my plow working on my truck. I am trying to get everybody home safe before the storm. Everybody in my family is telling me don’t worry we will be home soon. Boom one o’clock in the afternoon the power goes out and the snow is coming down like crazy. I can not plow my driveway for everyone to get in the house. Finally around four o’clock my brother and sister in-law make it home and this is where it begins.

They both were saying how they missed the snow and how beautiful the snow on the trees and everything being white. They were in great awe and so happy to see the snow. Having no power/TV we had no outside distractions so we had a lot of time to talk with my brother and his wife. My sister in-law asked me why am I so full of tension and un-happy looking. She saying it is so beautiful out there. Then my cell phone rings which is the only communication we have besides a radio. It is my wife and she is stuck on a train coming out from the city.

Meanwhile trees and very large branches are falling down all around. My shrubs in my garden are bending over to the ground because of the weight of the snow and my teen-age daughter is gallivanting around. My wife calling from the train with a dying cell phone battery wondering what to do, and where to go. While my brother, his wife and I were sitting around the wood stove staying warm and talking. About how two people can see the same thing and go through the same snow storm but see it totally differently.

Where they were totally enjoying the romantic moment the wood stove, candles and the snow they missed so much from their childhood’s days. I was worring about my wife stuck on a train, my daughter out and about and trees and shrubs being destroyed all over my gardens I love so much. Yes in the end everything worked and everyone got home safe in a day or two but the same experience at the time was so different.

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