Monday, January 30, 2012


A Palestine History Lesson for Nuke Gingrich

The Palestinian people were invented during the 5th century BC. This is the general consensus of most historians. So Nuke Gingrich you were off by about 2500 years. Then over many years, many outside forces took over the region playing territorial name games. With the last Empire holding onto the Pearl of the Holy Land (Jerusalem) for many years (approximately five hundred years) was the Ottoman Empire. At the end of World War I the Turks in October 1918 turned over the Pearl of the Holy Land to the British Empire.


With the use of modern day surveying equipment for the first time borders were established in the Middle Eastern’s arid terrain. The British Mandate of Palestine September 16, 1922 created the formal borders of what is today Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Here is a copy of a map from the Premier edition of Rand McNally World Atlas (1927) of the State of Palestine.

Nuke Gingrich a former speaker of the House of Representatives, a self proclaimed historian. One of four Presidential Republican candidates running for President of the United States. Now here comes what Nuke may of thought was the invention of the Palestinian people. In 1988 the Palestinians declared a Declaration of Independence (for 22% of the land of what was formerly Palestine) that today two-thirds of the world’s nations recognize as Palestine. With the major exceptions being Israel, the United States and a few of its allies As well as the United Nations because of the United States single vote veto power in the Security Council.

In December of 2012 the Palestinians applied for full United Nations membership. It is being shot down by the Israelis and the United States government. Along with all of the revisionists historians such as Nuke and his right wing Christian cohorts. The same people who think the science and history books should be replace with the bible Saving the American taxpayers money by cutting or eliminating the Department of Education. Many other of the American national politicians sound like they have learn their world history lessons in their place of worship. Or maybe they are scared as hell of the possible repercussions of the Jewish lobby. Just look at what they did to former President Jimmy Carter for speaking out against some of Israel’s cruel and inhumane policies and actions. Global Crier

B.S. Here is the Best of Nuke Gingrich
Just look at the Republican debate in Florida. The response of Presidential candidates Mite/Nuke to a question and the audience’s applause Republican Presidential Debate ,Florida "Israel-Palestinan " ! - YouTube

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