Wednesday, January 18, 2012


You Have to Develop Trust Over Time

If we wait until one side trusts the other side, or we wait until both sides trust each other. Peace, security and justice will not come about and trust will never develop and grow between the two people in the Holy Land. Only went you fly a helicopter along the Green Line. You can not see a difference between the East side and Western side of the Green Line will there be trust between the two people. There is no question without an infusion of a great amount of capital into the Palestinian side. Creating many more new opportunities and improving the Palestinian people standard of living will peace and trust grow.

Without hope and a clear vision of a better future such as the arc plan that outlines A Formal Structure for a Palestinian State is turned into a reality. Will prosperity bring peace that will turn into trust between the two sides of people. There will still be the lone wolf extremists and the anti-peace and compromise groups on both sides that will continue to be stumbling blocks. They will have to be sidelined and minimized not letting them derail the progress towards peace. Where to begin, how and when the arc plan is going to be implemented are the questions that have to be answered.

The strong support and the endorsement of the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority is the beginning of the implementation of the arc plan. With both sides signing a pledge of cooperation in the full implementation of the arc. There will become new and improved realities on the ground that will help the future negotiations on the points of contentions. Opening new doors and possibilities that will bring the two sides closer together. That will make progress toward peace and trust a reality.

At this point, block and project grants will have to be raised from the international community of nations. Where nations, cities and organizations from around the world with the rich oil Arab nations leading the way with their pledges and support of the ten year arc plan. With the expansion of co-cooperation groups such as “Seeds of Peace” to work hand-in-hand on the implementation of the arc by building bridges of understanding between the people. As living, economic and political conditions improve on the Palestinian side the environmental conditions at the peace table should improve making more progress possible.

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