Sunday, January 29, 2012


Presidential candidates Mite/Nuke

This question was posed to me by a fellow blogger. “Do you believe that withholding military aid from Israel would lead to peace? If so, how?” This was my response;

Withholding United States military aid from Israel would be a great step towards peace. Especially if half of it went back to reducing our national debt and the other half was invested into the Arc plan, A Formal Structure for a Palestinian State. Then you would start changing the environmental conditions on the ground. The Israeli government would be force to cut back on there military spending and presence. The Palestinians could start to improve their infrastructure improving their way of life. It would open new doors of opportunities between the Israelis and Palestinians. The cooperation involved in the implementation of the Arc plan would build new bridges of communication and understanding between the Palestinian/Israeli people... I could write a book about the way to peace.

But it will never happen in my lifetime because of people like you and the ones that think like you and my brother of the Christian right wing. Just look at the Republican debate in Florida. The response of Presidential candidates Mite/Nuke to a question and the audience’s applause Republican Presidential Debate ,Florida "Israel-Palestinan " ! - YouTube

It makes me sick to know there are so many people like you and my brother out there. Thinking and saying the things you do. More bombs, missiles, tanks, military armed helicopters, jets, submarines, and ships are not the way to Peace. Global Crier

B.S. I know you and my brother are for peace after the war is over.

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