Sunday, January 15, 2012


Arc & Palestine United Nation Membership is Progress Towards Peace

Amidst everything going on with the Arab Spring in the Middle East. The Israeli government would be in a much better position going forward. Letting the Palestinians gain full United Nation’s membership while supporting the implementation of “the arc” A Formal Structure for a Palestinian State. Giving Palestine full membership status to the United Nations would give them a legitimacy among the international community. Making them equal to any other nation. It would lift the morale of the Palestinian people giving them a victory in restoring their dignity and pride as a recognized nation among the body of the United Nations. The Arc would be a good starting point in the reparation to the Palestinian people for their great losses and hardships over the last sixty plus years.

Only by the Israeli government helping create an equal counter partner (the Palestinians) will the Israelis have any chance for peace and security to grow among their neighbors. As long as the Israeli government continues to suppress the Palestinian people keeping them in a depressed state of affairs there will continue to be acts of violence leading to rage and more conflicts. The Israeli governments cooperation on the full implementation of the Arc will help change the realities on the ground for the better on both sides.

The Israeli government will have to promise the international community of nations that they will not bomb out the new Palestine infrastructure that they paid for. As the Arc plan is completed, new opportunities will arise on both sides. Many more tourists will come to see the Holy sites in the region. This will bring a lot more new revenue creating prosperity. Neither side can let the lone wolf derail the progress that is made. It will take generations for the hate and contempt that is on both sides to change to tolerance, understanding and trust. If either side waits until they trust the other side progress will never be made towards peace. Global Crier

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