Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Balance and Common Sense

The reason that logic and common sense, sounds so radical is because things are so far out of balance. Today we are so far off course that we are going the wrong way and don’t even know it. This holds true on many different levels and platforms throughout our society. The further we go the wrong way, the more difficult it becomes in identifying the correct course. It is humane instinct to blame someone else for their own problems while those who are responsible denied the truth.

Too often what the great masses of people are told is so far from the truth. The general public is usually told what makes their leaders and nation look good. As long as the lies are held up as the truth we will continue to go the wrong way. So often those who tell the truth are discredited by the establishment and or silenced by the extremists on either side. When the powerful become the extremists our problems become even greater and this is where we are today.

The solutions to our problems are usually in the middle of the extremists on either side of the issue. Only by coming to the middle of what we believe and the truth will we find the compromising solutions to the problems we face. For the roots to war are many times the same and so too are the formulas to the solutions. Let common sense and logic of the majority prevail over the lies and miss-deeds of the extremists on all sides. Because of the larger role of some play and their sheer power, they must be the first to change their ways.

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