Sunday, February 25, 2007


My Brother’s Christian Right

My brother and the Christian Right that blinded by the Bible are leading this country into an endless religious war. Where there are many good and balanced Christian people and families in America and world. The extreme Born Again American Christian Right people such as President George W. Bush have taken their religious beliefs turned them into unsupported facts leading us into an endless religious war. Too many of the people that are part of the Christian rarely get or give any credit to any information or knowledge that does not originate from the Bible. They use their Bible as their cornerstone, foundation and roof for what they believe is right.

The American Christian Right have taken over the United States political system making it one of the hated governments in the world. It is their lack of tolerance of other people and their ways. It is the religious fervor of the American Christian Right that makes them no different than the enemies we are fighting today. The religious extremists on both sides have more in common with one and another they do with the majority of the people within their own nation.

Too many people of the American Christian Right read the Bible for their primary source of knowledge getting little to no information from other sources other than the their church. Too often their understanding of global history and science comes from their Bible and their religious leaders. They will thank their God for having more than other people, who are the non believers while fighting them so they can take more for themselves.

Too many of religious extremists of the Christian-Judaic Islamic faiths are people who can kill the non-believes of the people on the other side. Justifying it by saying they are doing it in God’s name. They polarize nations of people to go to war fighting in God name while they blame others for the problems we face in the world today. Yes, they will take the high religious road while they are putting down all of those people around them who are the non-believers.

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