Thursday, February 01, 2007


If Americans Knew

The United States has used its great power with its foreign policies as a weapon in too many cases instead as a tool. The United States spends more in military aid that humanitarian aid in its foreign policies. The people of Israel receiving 500 dollar per Israeli citizen in United States foreign aid with the great majority of it is military aid. This is at the same time the United States and Israel have blocked all humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people. Only if the American people knew the truth about the life long Palestinian-Israel Crisis there would be total outrage.

Any time someone in America tries to criticize the policies and actions of the State of Israel that they have taken against the Palestinian people. They are silenced and discredited by the pro Israeli extremists such as a person in the Jimmy Carter situation. Mr. Monroe Freedman who was the former Director of the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. labeled the former President Mr. Jimmy Carter an anti Semite on national TV.

The following is a link to “If Americans Knew” is on You Tube.

It is so important that the American people that do know, stand-up and speak-out the truth. The longer our government does the wrong things in the Middle East the worst things are going to get. Just look at the true facts of life on the streets today in the West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon, and Iraq. It is the American tax dollars that are paying for many the bullets, bombs and weapons that are killing so many innocent Arab people in the region.

And we are told by our President “They hate us because our freedom”. Common sense would tell you. They hate all of the killing and destruction. That is going on in their homeland with the United States and Israel responsible for a great deal of it. Not until the United States and Israel change their ways big time there will be more wars and conflicts. Yes, the other sides have to change big time too. It is the United States and Israel that have dispositional amount of power and control over the changes that need to be made.

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