Monday, February 19, 2007


My God Is Not Your God

My God is not so arrogant to pass judgment onto other people when it does not interfere with the rights of others. My God has more tolerance for the different ways of other people than most of the men who preach the words of God. My God is not so pompous to say if you do not believe in me and my son Jesus Christ that you will go to hell.

My God does not believe in wars as a way to solve the problems and differences of people and nations. My God believes in sharing the natural resources and wealth thy has created for all. Yes, my God is greater than your God because my God’s home has more room for all people with heaven and hell right here on earth. My God created the natural resources to make tools and weapons for mankind to decide how to use.

My God does not dictate thy ways onto other people in one narrow image. My God is in the hearts and minds for all who have room in their souls. My God is the creator of the sprit of life and death. My God is a teacher not a dictator. My God’s home is in the skies, water and soil right here on earth. Yes, my God created good and bad in all for people to see.

It is up to people to decide how they are going to use what God has created. One can not blame God for what thou has created. They can only look at what they have done with what God has given them. For if there was no bad we would not understand what is good. God created more good than bad in a world that bad wins more often than good. A world that the wealthy people and nations have abused what God has created.

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