Friday, January 26, 2007


The Politics of Peace and War

A person would have to be blind and dumb not to see the connection between Middle East oil- Israel with the Middle East wars that have been going on for decades. The Ottoman Empire was controlling Middle East and Northern Africa otherwise known as the modern day oil fields of industrial Europe which had very little oil and oil technology. From the very beginning of the industrial oil revolution the United States and Britain led the industrial nations. The British and French under the League of Nations drew the line in the sand dividing the oil, creating new nations in the Middle East. The United States at this time had a lot of its own oil reserves and it was the birthplace of the modern day oil technology.

At the end of World War II the United States being the only industrial nation whose military-industrial complex remained intact becomes a global superpower. The international modern day oil deals are made under Western Laws and military protection i.e. this beginning of the union of the military industrial complex and Big Oil interests. As long as Big Oil had control of modern day oil technology they could control the world’s oil supply. As the world’s demand grows for more oil, the tensions on the oil supplies increases creating the pretext for the modern day Middle East oil wars.

The United Nations is started with support of Big Oil and a new Jewish State of Israel is created in the Holy Land. A well thought out plan United Nations Resolution 181 was passed but never was correctly implemented creating a whole new timeline of modern day wars in the Middle East. This served the interests of the military industrial complex creating billions of dollars of sales. It also served the best interests of Big Oil by taking the minds and souls of the Middle Eastern people away to a conflict outside of the big Middle East oil fields and deals. This is all hidden as one part of our national security and defense.

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