Monday, January 29, 2007


A Better Way for the United States and Israel

The Americans and Israelis have been blessed and they have abused that blessing. Whether it is the world’s natural resources or the global environment, the American people have abused them with little concern for future generations to come. We are pushing the balance of the human race and our global environment to the breaking point. The greed of a few people are abusing the natural resources of other people in the name of freedom and capitalism. A great nation such as the United States that is so powerful and wealthy selling more weapons than tools to nations of people around the world. Trying to unilaterally dictate global policies through the use of military force will create more enemies than friends and allies i.e. State of Israel is a good example.

There is no way the United States will break ties with the State of Israel. As well as there is no way things can remain on the same track as they are going today between the Palestinians and Israelis. Only by dealing with the true facts on the ground today, can this crisis be solved. The United States as a member of the Quartet has to put an enormous amount of pressure on the government of Israeli to make the diplomatic and political moves in the right direction. Otherwise tragedy will fall upon either nation if not both. A final settlement must be work-out that both sides agree too. Only by opening up more diplomatic channels that are transparent will things change for the better.

The few people that want to defend the bad policies and ways of yesterday have to be put to the side opening the door to new possibilities on both sides. There already is an international consensus to the final borders and peace plan with the exception of the United States and Israeli governments. Both the United States and Israel must come into the international fold changing the realities on the ground for the better for the Palestinian people.

Nowhere in the world are the environmental and humanitarian conditions are worst than in a regional war. The international military complex is profiting by supplying the weapons of death and destruction to both sides. The sales of these weapons must stop with diplomatic and humanitarian channels opening up on both sides. Then the economic, political and social environments will change for the better creating a safer and more secure world for everybody.

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