Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Middle East New Direction

Yosef Kuperwasser a Middle East Senior Fellow at the Brooking Institute spoke on January 10, 2006 about the Iranian and Israeli nuclear programs. Mr. Kuperwasser totally dismissed Israel’s nuclear military threat to the region and world while totally embellishing Iran’s potential nuclear weapons program threat to the region and world. For the Middle East region to be a nuclear free region does not mean every other country except for Israel. There lie the double standards of the Western nation’s Middle Eastern diplomacy and policies.

While most of the nations and people of the world do not want to see Iran become a nuclear military power the same could be said about the State of Israel and its military nuclear program. Israel is the only Middle East nation that has nuclear weapons and military submarines that are a threat to her neighbors and adversaries in the region. Without addressing the hypocrisy of the Palestinian-Israel Crisis and Israel’s nuclear military program there will be no foundation to build peace in the region.

Only by addressing the roots of the problems in the Middle East in a balance and fair manor will things change for the better. Diplomatically what would be considered fair and balance in solving the problems in the Middle East is unrealistic because of the official position of the State of Israel and the United States government. There is little to no chance of one side dictating terms and conditions onto the other side and having long term peace. Only by recognizing and addressing the grievances of the people on both sides can a sustainable peace agreement can be reached and implemented. By recognizing and dealing with the problems in the modern history of this region. Then new paths towards peace and prosperity can be blaze taking us in a new direction.

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