Monday, January 08, 2007


Belief, Legend or Lie

There are as many stories about the history of the Holy Land, as there are people living in the Holy Land. Rarely is the truth heard about the Holy Land because of the different religious legends and beliefs. There is no question that the modern day foot print in the Middle East and Holy Land are not sustainable over the course of time. For there to be any kind of long lasting peace in the Middle East one must settle the question of the Old City of Jerusalem. Here lies the root of the hate and contempt towards the Western World i.e. the United States, Great Britain, and Israel. It is not freedom and democracy they hate, it is the bullets and bombs and the occupation of their land by foreigners.

The truth is found in the day-to-day life of the people living in the Middle East and Holy Land. Only by addressing the comfort level of the people will you find security, peace and prosperity in the region. What would the United States look like if they were living under the similar conditions as the people in Iraq or the West Bank and Gaza?

· If unemployment was 40%-70%
· If the security of your home and family were in the hands of foreign occupiers
· If your family and friends were being killed by the guns and bombs of the foreign occupiers
· If foreigners dictated and controlled your day-to-day life that was steadily getting worst
· The flow of commerce and people in and out of your nation was being controlled by foreigner occupiers
· If the supply of your fresh water and electricity were not constant since the foreign occupiers took over

In the case of the Palestinian people this has been going on for over sixty years. The Palestinian people are literally prisoners within their territory. The majority of Palestinian national elected leaders of the Hamas party are in the jails of their foreign occupiers. If the American people lived under similar conditions, things would not look too much different than they do today in Iraq and the Holy Land.

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