Tuesday, January 09, 2007


The United States and Israel Must

The United States must cut all financial aid to the State of Israel, including the boycott of Israeli goods until the following conditions are met.

· State of Israel withdraws to the 1967 Armorist Line
· Palestinian Human Rights are restored, including water and property rights
· A moratorium on Jewish immigrants to the State of Israel until the Palestinian right of return is resolved
· Issues surrounding the Old City of Jerusalem are settled
· The State of Israel lives within the international nuclear laws and treaties
· Israel down sizes their military program
· Israel lives within the international laws and United Nation Resolutions

If the State of Israel meets these conditions the following would be guarantee.
· State of Israel will have normalized relation with the Arab nations
· The United States and European Union guarantee the State of Israel national security
· Israel will gain the respect of the majority of the international community of nations
· Israel will be granted full recognition in the United Nations

These will only be the fist step in resolve the Palestinian crisis. The Palestinian people are the victims today and this must be recognized and dealt with economic composition by the international community of nations. Then bridges of peace and prosperity can be built creating new ways forward for the people in the region.

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