Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Talking Heads Won’t Tell You the Truth

The million dollar mass media Talking Heads are talking the talk. When it comes to the American health insurance crisis, the problem is not with the families than are making more than a hundred thousand dollars annually. These are people who have high paying jobs and health insurance is one of their many perks. Just look at the retirement package of the United States Federal elected officials who claim to be servants for the American people. They have a retirement package unlike any of other people except for the very top executives in the country.

Yet any American person who stands-up talking in favor of universal health insurance for the American people is labeled a socialist or even worst a commie. This in a nation where to own a gun is a protected right and health care is a privilege. Why would those people in power who live in comfort want to question the system that has provided so well for them? This holds true in the private and public sectors throughout the establishment. Yes things are way out of balance between the haves and have nots in America and the world.

American workers are in competition with people in other nations that are making less an hour than what the American worker pays in Social Security taxes. The annual cost of General Motors health insurance is over a thousand dollars for every car GM sells. With no control over our international borders the system of the United States is being strained to the breaking point. Whether it is the inter-cities hospitals providing health care for the very poor people with no insurance, to the cost of health care insurance for the average working family. Bottom line the American mass media Talking Heads will only tell you the accepted party lines. Not wanting to rock any boats that might jeopardize their very comfortable position in life.

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