Monday, January 22, 2007


Israel is a Terrorists State

Why so many people around the world see the United States and Israel as terrorist nations. The main reasons so many people around the world see the United States as a terrorist nation is because of the United States unconditional military support of the State of Israel and the outcome of the war in Iraq. There is no question, that if the State of Israel was not an ally of the United States they would be perceived as a terrorist state by the American people. The military industrial complexes of both nations have undermined the security of the people of the world in their quest for control of the world’s natural resources and greater profit for themselves. Whether it is the control of world’s oil or the control of a region’s fresh water supply, the outcome is the same.

The lies that are told by the leaders on both sides often lead the people to wars. Whether it is the lies of the religious leaders or political leaders of either side, the truth is rarely heard by the people. By turning our adversaries into enemies we polarize the people on both sides leading us to war. Yesterday it was Iraq and today it is Iran and Syria. While Israel occupies and controls the land of another people in the name of God, we call the other side the religious extremists. The American political and religious leaders say they hate our freedom and democracy. Yet the Israelis have imprisoned the Palestinian people and their democratically elected leaders in the name of Israel’s national security. Both the State of Israel and the United States want to dictate the terms and conditions of peace with little to no concern of the grievances of the people on the other side.

The lack of common sense and balance is one of the major parts to many of the conflicts in the world today. Only by setting standards and conditions that are equal on both sides can peace and security have a chance to survive. How loud would the world’s outcry be if the Jewish people of Israel had to live in similar conditions as the ones they have imposed onto the Palestinian people? Once the American people and leaders can truly answer question like this one. Then the truths to the Palestinian-Israeli Crisis can really be addressed.

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