Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Iraq To Who Will Ever Listen

At this time it is not more American military troops than are needed in Iraq. We need to broaden the mix of players in the reconstruction in Iraq. The United States must down size their military role and increase their diplomatic and humanitarian role. This can only happen if Iraq’s neighboring nations can play a larger diplomatic role in this effort. A consensus plan must be reach on a multilateral level with the recently displaced international Iraqi refugees taking a leading role.

Since the United States-Britain military victory in Iraq in the very beginning of the war, the living conditions for the Iraqi people has been steadily going down hill. This trend must be revised before there will be any peace or security in Iraq. Only by broadening the diplomatic and humanitarian channels will things improve on the ground in Iraq. The organizing and training of the displaced international Iraqi refugees with the support of the international community of nations will create new channels of opportunities for Iraq. Iraq needs the recently displace Iraqi refugees (over one million new Iraq refugees have left Iraq since the beginning of the war) to return home in an organized manor to help rebuild Iraq.

Only the Iraqi people can handle and deal with any internal politic struggle and strife within Iraq. The international community nations and NGO’s can only help those Iraq people that want to help in the reconstruction of Iraq. Rebuilding a nation such as Iraq can only happen starting at the bottom working your way up. As is in the case of so many of the problems in the world today, the statistics and charts are going the wrong way. Only by changing the direction of the charts and decreasing the number of unemployed Iraqi people. Including the number of Iraqi civilians that are being killed as well as the number of Iraqi people fleeing their homes and county. At this time 100,000 Iraqi people are being driven out of their homes on a mouthy basis. Then and only then will peace and security have a chance to prosper and grow in Iraq.

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