Wednesday, January 24, 2007


An Inconvenient Truth

The charts in Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth clearly show a correlation between the rising global CO2 levels and the global population explosion. In 1776 the world population was one billion people and in 1945 the population 2.3 billion people and today the world population is 6.5 billion people.
According to the United States Department of Energy the United States contributes more carbon emission (fossil Fuel) per person, well surpassing the amount of any other nation in the world. The United States contributes 30.3% of global warming greenhouse gases. That less than half of the world’s population in the industrial nations are contributing over 77% of the global warming greenhouse gases. That means more than half the world’s population is contributing less than 23% of the global warming greenhouse gases.

Things are so out of balance between the progress of the human race and nature’s environment. Between the nations of people that are the haves and the people of nations that are the have nots. Here lies the root to many of the wars and conflicts around the world. That the older industrial energy consuming nations are consuming more than their fair share of the world non-renewable resources (fossil fuel) that is increasing level of the global warming greenhouse gases. Without addressing these problems the world we leave our children will not be sustainable for very much longer. It is clear that there are global problems that are unlike none from ever before.

The environmental stress on the planet earth created by the human race has to be addressed by the global community of nations. The United States government and the international corporations can no longer use denial as a method in addressing the global warming greenhouse gas problems we face. The sooner we make the needed changes the better it will be for our children’s earths future. The An Inconvenient Truth outlines things that have to be done and things you can do to help out the global environment. A combination of energy conservation and the use of more renewable non-polluting energy sources are needed to keep the future bright for future generations to come.

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