Thursday, February 10, 2011


Israel’s Peace Treaty Bought and Paid for by the United States

The thirty some year Peace Treaty between Israel and Egypt-Jordan has always been on very thin and shaky grounds with the vast majority of the people of Egypt and Jordan. The real glue that held the leaders of Egypt and Jordan together on the Peace Treaty with Israel was the tens of billions of dollars of United States military and foreign aid. With the State of Israel getting the great majority of the United States military financial aid while making the life of the everyday Palestinian people worse than ever before. All of which is very well publicized in the Arab nations especially in Jordan where over half of the population are of displace Palestinian descendants.

With the mass media news leads in the United States greatly favoring the Israeli side and in Egypt-Jordan they greatly favoring the Palestinian side. The way the people of Israel and United States see the problems to this life long conflict greatly differers than the Arab people on the streets. This fomenting great hate and anger towards the actions and policies of the State of Israel and the United States. Where the Arab leaders could be paid off with large sums of oil or foreign aid money to overlook the Palestinian situation.

The Old City of Jerusalem being on the frontline of this life long conflict, bringing out the religiously indoctrinated extremists from all sides. There is very little difference between the Israeli Jewish religious extremists and the United States Christian religious extremists and the Arab Islamic religious extremists. They are one of the same when it comes to compromising on their religious beliefs with others often leading to conflicts. Where the political leaders could be bought and paid for to change and compromise their position. The same could not be said about the extremist religious leaders of faith. Creating a cultural divide between the political leaders of nations and the religious conservative people of faith.

Only by all sides having some empathy for the people of the other side will there be an understanding to the truth. So that a balance and fair settlement can be worked out for a peaceful coexistence among people of the different faiths. One cannot dictate their ways onto other people of different faith as we would not want that done to us. That the extremists on all sides have to be addressed and sidelined for the greater good of the whole society.

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