Monday, February 14, 2011


The Domino Theory to Economic Hard Times

With a great amount of prosperity among nations of people you can maintain civil societies. As long as there is economic growth, political and social justice with job opportunities that are available to the people. Part of political justice is the peaceful and orderly transfer of political power from one leader to another leader that is usually found in democratic nations. Even democratic nations will turn into chaos without economic prosperity.

Economic hard times is a game changer where civility of a nation will diminish as the economy defaults. As the old world’s economic and political models breakdown, the global economy will become worse. Making the bad situation of so many people unbearable creating civil unrest with a lot of uncertainty. With so many of the nations and world’s problems never being correctly resolved. They tend to compound making things even worse. Today we have reach the tipping point to many of these global problems.

Whether it is in Egypt, United States, Europe, Asia or the Middle East the interdependency of the good and bad will effect us all. It is a lack of balance and understanding to so many of the problems we face that are at the roots of the majority of our problems. It is the disconnect between the few haves and the growing number of have nots durning economic hard times that will bring civil unrest to a civil society. This can happen in any society whether it is democratic or dictatorial when economic times worsen for the majority of the people. With the improvement of technology and communication an uprising or revolution can happen in the matter of a moment in any nation that the conditions are right. There is a common global saying “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” When this gets to a boiling point. Civil unrest and chaos will rise challenging the status-quo of the establishment. This is the point we are at today in so many nations around the world.

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