Tuesday, March 06, 2012



To say the State of Israel is an independent and sovereign nation is a far cry from the truth. When it comes to starting an offense war of choice against Iran. When the United States government has given 3.5 billion dollars a year to the State of Israel of military aid. Without the United States government’s military aid and military hardware being paid for by the American taxpayers. The State of Israel would not or could not make any real credible military attack on Iran without the United States paying for it.

Most people in the world clearly see the State of Israel as the fifty-first state of the United States. There are many mayors and governors of cities and states in America that would like the proportional amount of time and resources that the 5.5 million Israelis get from Washington D.C.. With the political leaders of the State of Israel pounding the drums harder and louder for going to war with Iran. This has contributed to the rising price of the global crude oil market on a very weak global economic recovery. Any military attack on another nation by the State of Israel is seen as an attack by the United States by most people of the world.

Very few people to almost no one in the world wants to see Iran become a nuclear military armed state. Most people in the world as well as in the Middle East would like to see the Middle East a nuclear weapon free zone. This is not possible with the State of Israel possessing between 150 to 300 undeclared nuclear military warheads some of which are on Israel’s fleet of submarines that are afloat in the seas. It is clearly the hypocrisy of the State of Israel in their military actions and policies towards Iran. That is dividing the United States and the State of Israel fromwar the rest of the global community of nations.

It is time for the American people to wake-up to what their federally elected officials are doing with their unconditional support of the State of Israel’s overly aggressive military policies and actions. Let us see the State of Israel put there nuclear program under the same international inspection and scrutiny as they want of Iran’s nuclear program. The sooner we live up too what we preach and dictate on to other nations of people. The sooner we will find ourselves on the same page with other nations of people, with fewer wars and more diplomatic solutions to our differences.

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