Monday, March 12, 2012


Israeli’s Iron Dome Program

The polarity of the State of Israel and for that matter the United States is so out of balance between peace and war with those who they do not agree with. Both nations have been creating more enemies than friends with there overly aggressive military actions and policies. With the military industrial complex being a major part of both nation’s economy. The art of diplomacy, far too often falling into deaf ears.

The Palestinian people have been the guinea-pigs of the Israeli military industrial complex. The latest being the Israelis provocation of the Palestinian people in Gaza. Getting the Palestinians to fire more rockets into Southern Israel so they could test their new “Iron Dome” system. By all accounts the tests went very well according to the Israeli military spokesperson. The Iron Dome responded to 63 of the larger Palestinian missiles fired into southern Israel with Iron Dome intercepting 52 of them. At a cost of one-hundred thousand dollars a missile.

The Israeli’s unmanned military drones program has used the Palestinians as a testing ground with their targeting assassinations and spying on the Palestinian people. A whole host of other Israeli military products, programs, and military weapons have been tested on the Palestinian people. The Israeli military test results help them market and sell their products at the international military trade shows.

The question, one must ask themselves; Can the State of Israel and the United States economy be healthy in peacetime with so much of the economy being based in wartime manufacturing.?With the United States having the world’s largest military industrial complex by far and the State of Israel being in the top five. The negative polarity that is built up by such a large and overwhelming military industrial complexes of the United States and the State of Israel is leading us into a cycle of endless wars and conflicts. David Global Crier

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