Tuesday, April 04, 2006


With the Lost of Common Sense there is No Truth

The value of a nation’s currency is based on the confidences of people combine with supply and demand. If one were to look at the flow and growth charts of China and the United States you would see a very large contrast in China favor. Today many people and leaders of nations have lost confidence in the leadership in the United States. Combined with many national and international companies moving jobs overseas for higher profits. October 2005 imports to the United States were over 55 billion dollar. Our trade debt and foreign financing of our deficit spending is over 1.3 billion dollars a day. The forecasted model of the current course we are on is not good and must change.

Only with new innovative programs dealing with the vital changes that are need to sustain the ways of the modern world. From the production and use of renewable environmentally friendly sources of energy. Balancing some of financial inequities of less fortunate people and regions around the world. Bring the needed changes to people and nations by diplomacy and non-profit NGO's with the support of International Peace Keeping Forces and not through military force. Working out our international difference with other nations on an international multi-lateral platform. A major clamp down on organized and systematic crime on the white-collar level. Only by dealing with the realities on the ground will the truth to the answers come to light for people to see.

Freedom without prosperity or security is not what people of nations want. The basic family needs and desires are similar for people all around the world. Realizing “You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make them drink”. We must change some of our bad ways of the past for better way for the future. Balance our needs with nature and others nations of people making a better world for all. Only with great restraint in the use of our military forces can we develop a stronger diplomatic core to help resolve our political differences with other nations.

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