Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Can God be so Intolerant

How could your God the creator of life and nature be so intolerant of the ways of others in this world? To condemn so many people to hell for not believing in your beliefs, to kill or raise money in God’s name to enrich ones own life is the greater sin. With all of the knowledge and wisdom in the world to only take one of books the Bible, Koran or Torah for the truth and answers to the world’s problems is not very wise or holy. Those in power and control should be held to a higher level of accountability for the problems in the world. One should not past judgment onto another unless they are willing to be judged themselves.

With conflicting morals and values of one-system verses another systems a divide is created. Great fortunes of wealth are made on the exploitation of a political, economic and cultural divide between people. With religious leaders taking the higher ground with their extremist’s views and perspective deepening the human divide. The main role of the federal or national government is to provide physical security for the people within their nation. The government’s policies must keep in balance the role of religion and state as well as corporate and people’s rights within a society. Only by dissemination of knowledge, information, and wealth can a government of a society be responsible to the people it serves.

For one nation to dictate and control much of the global and military policies around the world often in the name of God is wrong. The great creator of the universal and the spirit of nature and earth would not be so narrow minded as those who are preaching the words of God. People who lead us into wars over religious and political differences between nations of people are doing the devil’s work. Only by addressing the internal problems of a nation will there be a change for peace and security at home and aboard. Only by holding the same standards at home and aboard on all sides of the divide will we have peace and security around the world. A transparent multilateral platform must control any military actions taken by any one of the world’s global super power nations against any other another nation.

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