Thursday, April 20, 2006


United States Twin Deficits

President Bush’s Middle East policies are brining chaos to the region while we sideline the real problems we face as a global nation of people. Meddling in the internal affairs of other nation’s policies Washington is creating more and stronger enemies than allies. President Bush saying one thing while doing something completely different from what he says. He ran for President the first time saying he was against nation building yet today we are trying to build a democratic Iraq. As President he said he would use United States military force in Iraq as last resort. During the 2000 Presidential election the two major candidates were squabbling over how to spend the Federal tax surplus yet today the United States has the biggest federal deficit in history. The United States twin deficits will undermine the security of the nation’s economy leading to the down fall of the American Empire.

Denying the truth when it best serve the United States national interests many American are being mislead by the government and mass media. Today the United States War on Terror has divided the nations of the world and people while uniting America’s adversaries and dividing her allies. The current path of the American government’s foreign and domestic policies is not sustainable over the course of time. Many international leaders of nations and industries are losing confidence in the direction the United States government is taking the world.

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