Thursday, April 27, 2006


Wealthier People and Nations

The wealthier people and nations have more power and are generally considered to be stronger. It is how a nation or person uses their power and strength that determines the degree to good and bad. When the stronger use preemptive military force to attack the weaker and less fortunate with overwhelming force for there own self-interests. When the stronger use their power to enforce and up hold the social and politically in-justices of the world for their profit and gain. When the stronger unite to defend the immoral and inhumane actions of one and another for there own well being. When powerful nations and people use their power to suppress the human rights of another people for there own gain. When the strong military nations use their power to enforce the Rule of Law with a double standard to their benefits.

Yes these actions are a threat to peace and security around the world. Any time wealthy nations and people invest too much of their resources into military weapons. They divert greatly needed recourses from humanitarian projects that could improve the lives of less fortunate people. The concentration of wealth and power often corrupts the decision making process deepening the gap between the fortunate and less fortunate. Because the wealthy have more power they are more responsible for correcting the wrongs of today.

When the economy of a nation is depended on the military industrial complex for its economic strength. This could bring a nation to war for the wrong reasons. A lack of balance between wisdom and strength with the greed of a few people prevailing is the catalyst to war.

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