Saturday, April 08, 2006


John Miller formally with 20/20 of ABC

John Miller formally with 20/20 of ABC News did a report on the Urban Moving Company of New Jersey with five of their employees being Israeli citizens photographing the World Trade Building disaster of 9/11. With people of the area reporting the five persons slapping “High Fives” in a mood of jubilee. The owner of Urban Moving a former Israeli citizen and family were on one of the first flight back to Israel after the airports open up after the 9/11 disaster.

Brit Hume and Carl Cameron of Fox News did a four piece segment series on the Israeli spy ring working here in America after 9/11. They reported that 140+ Israelis were being detained for questioning. As well as an Israeli owned company (Amdocs) that did the telephone billing for 85% of the American peoples phone bills. With another well-connected Israeli company (Comverse Technology) supplying the White House and other government agencies with high security telecommunication services.

These stories as well as other stories in the past that deal with the Israel-United States Government Inelegance have been suppressed by the governments and mass media. The Dimona Nuclear Plant in Israeli to the Plumbat Affair (missing 200 tons of uranium oxide) to the bombing of the USS Liberty (lost of 34 American lives and many injuries) by the State of Israel.

Why has the State of Israeli been able to live outside the international law dealing with (The Middle East Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty)? How did Israel obtain all of the equipment and natural resources for their nuclear program? The answer to these questions and the pieces to the stories above have never been publicized by the mainstream media or government. With the J Edgar Hoover of today in the Mossad anyone who tries to put these stories together is silenced one way or another. John Miller of 20/20 was moved to Disney with Barbara Walters closing words to the segment, “I hope this puts an end to these rumors”.

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