Sunday, April 02, 2006


Israel and Oil Deals

Jewish people will tell you that other people are jealous because of their great success. To some degree this is true. The Jewish people are so few in numbers yet they have so much wealth and power in the world. Today global tensions are rising and the divide is deepening between nations around the world and the Jewish people of 18 million are in the middle once again. The Middle East oil deals of the 1930’s and the creation of the Jewish State of Israel of 1948 are at the roots of the tensions in the Middle East.

If there were no oil of any significance in the Middle East the Jewish State of Israel would not be the problem it is today. It was with the creation of a few very wealthy Arab families from the western oil deals that fuels the fire of anger in the Arab Streets. Again, so few Arab people with almost everything and so many Arab people with very little to nothing.

The creations of the Jewish State of Israel served three purposes. 1. To be a homeland to the unwanted Jewish refugees from World War II. 2. It was partial reparation for the horrific War Crimes committed against the Jewish society in World War II. 3. Israel is and was a beacon to take the focus of the anger on the Arab street off of the wealthy oil deals. This is why the United States and Great Britain have leading roles in the Middle East problems.

Yes, the people of the Middle East have to solve their own problems, but the outside world has to change their ways with the nations of the Middle East. The wealthy Middle Eastern oil nations have to take a leading role in the region. In the past as a part of unwritten policies the western industrial nations wanted to keep the Middle East divided keeping them from becoming to powerful, again because of oil. To solve the problems in the Middle East you are going to have to solve both of the major problems simultaneously.

International Crude Oil Export Tax

Peace Reform Initiative in the Middle East

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