Sunday, April 09, 2006


Why I Hate Republicans and I Can’t Stand Democrats

The George W. Bush administration has said one thing while doing the complete opposite. Whether it was going to war in Iraq or a smaller federal government with lower taxes they have under minded the security of the people and nation. While very few people have gotten very wealthy off the military industrial complex the Neocons have created a state of perpetual war in the world. The Bush’s administration has served the military industrial complex and oil industry very well creating record-breaking profits.

The leaders of the National Democratic Party are no better for they too are in the pockets of the special interest groups in Washington DC. Senator Clinton is a good example where her pockets are filled with money from the Washington DC special interest groups. Where Hillary’s allegiance is more with the Democratic Party than the nation. The spineless leaders of the National Democratic Party have led this nation with little to no real conviction.

The leaders of both major national parties have been more concerned with preserving their position of power than what is best interest of the nation. Two American families having control of the White House for over twenty years with Hillary feeling entitled to run for President in 2008. This is a sad commentary to the healthiest of the American democracy. The foolishness of the national leaders of both parties is blundering our nations great wealth and resources. The manner that George W. Bush and the Clintons made their great wealth would make any American patriot sick to their stomach.

Yes, as an American patriot I am sick and tired of the lies fed to us by our government. How the Democrat and Republican leaders are more loyal to their party and pockets than the best interest of the nation. How the courts and jails are filled with common criminals (American prison population over two million people) with the biggest crooks leading the nation.

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