Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Five Assumptions

Great wrongs have been done to the Palestinian and Jewish people and too many have suffered on both sides. Many books and papers have been written often taking the position of one side or the other using religion as the bases for their case. The history of the wrongs go back so far in time, not helping in coming up with any answers or solutions for the problems of today. Looking at the problems of today from a humanitarian position with a basic understanding of the history of this conflict in this region. Some assumptions will be stated followed up by the humanitarian reasoning behind them. The religious side of the debate will not be covered for this is where people will differ depending upon what side one is on.

First Assumption- The Jewish people deserve a homeland the State of Israel. Because the horrific acts taken agonists the Jewish people by the Nazis during World War II it was part of the reparation made to those who survived. It gave many Jewish people hope and a place to go to preserve and practice their religious culture. Palestine being the land that the Jewish culture had the strongest ties too made it the most logical choice. In 1948 the United Nations Resolution 181 created two states out of one land creating a homeland for the Jewish people.

Second Assumption- There is no humanitarian way to create two states out of one land for those people already living there. The Jewish National Fund (JNF) was established in the year of 1901. The purpose of the JNF was to acquire land in Palestine for the Jewish people for what was to be a Jewish state one day in the future. This was the beginning of the modern day tensions between the Muslim and Jewish people in Palestine. In 1948 with the division of Palestine and the creation of the State of Israel the level of tensions rose to new time highs and both side became more aggressive fighting for what they believe to be right.

Third Assumption- Less of it being the difference between two different religions, it was more of a battle between the Old World and the New World. For over a thousand years the Jewish and Muslim people in this region had coexisted they were all Semites with the same culture with a different religion. It was not until the introduction of a lot of outside international capital and foreign Jewish people from another land with a different culture did the conflicts arise. Up until the beginning of the twentieth century national borders between nations in the desert were near imposible to map out. Only with the development of modern day surveying equipment made this possible. About this time for the first time Jewish people in large number started to migrate to this region making claims on large track of land.

Fourth Assumption- New Jewish immigrants brought new ways changing the landscape and the characteristics of the region. From military weapons, farming, manufacturing, banking, and education the new Jewish immigrants brought the western ways to the Middle East threatening the way things had been for centuries before. Creating a clash between the Old World and the New World in the way things are done.

Fifth Assumption- Hating another people that are different than you are not a trait born within us. It is part of conditioning that we are exposed too often out of fear or ignorant.

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