Sunday, April 16, 2006


TBN leading us into Armageddon

How the self proclaimed “Moral Majority” uses the name of God and Jesus to make their case for profit and politics. The commercial highflying Christen ministries are using the pulpit to install fear of God into the minds of their followers. Many of the extreme religious leaders today are no different than two thousand years ago in their preaching of hate and contempt for other people who believe differently than they do. Using the words of Gods to defend their actions against another people. The European settlers killed the American Indians in the name of God, as are the Israelis and Palestinians today.

The Christen Right and the Zionist Right have formed a bond of unconditional support in any action the people of Israel take against the Palestinian people. All in the name of their God they kill for land and control over another people. Many people with misconstrued minds gain a great deal of power in the commercial religious and political world. The greed and thirst for more power and the paranoia of losing it, keeps their message on edge of the extreme usually creating tension. Out of tension come conflict and tragedy. The Religious leader want you to turn to them for guidance and strength when they are often the ones that at the root of it.

We see some of the religiously misguide Islamic leaders but we can’t see them in the faith of Judaism or the Christianity. Yet, TV preachers such as Hal Lindsey on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) leading us into Armageddon, fulfill their scriptures in the Bible for the second coming of Christ for the Christians and the first coming of Christ for the Jewish people. Without all sides willing to take some blame for the pain on both side there will be no peace or security for those involved. Many of the TV preachers speaking with hollow words to divide the people to build their power.

The standards of good and bad should hold true on both sides equally. To rule out of fear with the big stick will only lead to conflict and war as will one people suppressing another people over time. God would never be so arrogant to say, “If you do not believe in me, you will go to hell”. Only mankind could be so arrogant to say such a thing.

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