Thursday, April 06, 2006


You Cannot Divide the Old City of Jerusalem form Bethlehem

Whether you call it a fence or a wall you cannot divide the Old City of Jerusalem form Bethlehem and have peace in the Holy Land. The problem in the Palestinian-Israeli Crisis boils down to the control of land and power in the number of people. The Jewish people a minority everywhere in the world except for in Israel and parts New York City. The Jewish culture few in number of people but one of the most affluent minorities as well as influential group of people in the world, with a history of percussion like no other group.

The Old City of Jerusalem is a Holy City to three of the world’s major religion with the smallest of the three religions wanting to maintain total control over the Holy City. The Israeli government officials say that East Jerusalem and the Jewish settlement around Jerusalem are not negotiable. The people of Israel are depending on the Wall and their military superiority for their security. When in reality there is no defense for inhumane actions and policies against another people over the course of time.

Nether the Israelis or the Palestinians will agree to turning over complete control of Jerusalem’s Holy site to the other side. East Jerusalem and the Jewish settlements surrounding East Jerusalem should be a separate entity from the State of Israel and Palestine. The Holy City of Jerusalem should be a separate state between the two nations. The former Jewish settlements that become part of Holy City of Jerusalem should have a mixed population of 1/3 Arab, 1/3 Jewish and 1/3 international people. A council of Arab, Jewish and Christian people will over see day-to-day operations of the Holy City of Jerusalem. The Arabs will focus on development, the Christian will focus on conservation and the Israelis will focus on security.

A twenty-year master plan has to be developed by the Council to the Holy City of Jerusalem. This plan should include a Religious University of the World for the study of theology and philosophy. Only by building diplomatic bridges of communication and understanding between people of different faiths can long-term peace be achieved. The City of Jerusalem being the high holy city should be a neutral territory for all good people of different faiths to come together to practice and learn about religious history of the world.

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