Saturday, April 15, 2006


They Never Excised

Up until recently the Palestinian People never excised according to the Israeli government officials. The official government line of the Jewish establishment was they are Arabs. The same way the early European American settlers took the land from the American Indians the Jewish people are doing to the Palestinian people today. The American society has romanticized the settlement of the United States in the history books. We claim we bought this piece of land for some whisky, guns, and trinkets. The Indians we could not buy off we killed labeling them savages less than a human being because they did not believe in our God and customs. The American Indians had sparsely populated the land and were not a country of people worthy of the ways of the New World.

The American Indians were a tribal people of many nations. There were no maps outlining ownership of the land. For that matter ownership of land was not even a concept the American Indian could relate too until the European settlers introduced it as laws of the land. There is no humanitarian way for another person to settle in the land of another people and create a new country. Yet our history books tell us otherwise.

I am not making the argument that the State of Israel should not excise at all but I am saying they should not continue same course it has been on for the last 55+ years. It is much easer to defend what is right than fight for what is wrong. It was right to establish the Jewish State of Israel. It is wrong to defend the current form and actions of the State of Israel today.

Only by the New World willing to address some of its ill ways will peace and security have a chance to grow. What we are calling progress in some cases is making many people sick. I want to see the State of Israel and people of Israel move toward the way America society was before 9-11. Instead the American society is moving towards the way of Israel becoming a military police society.

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