Friday, April 07, 2006


Greater Israel Plan

Who are the Jewish settlers in the West Bank most of them are not truly Semitic Jews; no they are Jewish people from Eastern Europe and the United States. A lot of them are children of Holocaust survivors that are doing the similar thing that was done to their ancestors. There were once approximately 7000 Jewish people living in the Gaza Strip controlling approximately 42% of the land and there are approximately 1.4 million Palestinians living on the other 48% of the Gaza Strip. There are similar stories in the West Bank cities and towns that are in ruins from the IDF 24/7 lock downs.

Most of the rest of the world is in agreement except the United States and the State of Israel in what has to be done to help resolve this matter. If the American Taxpayers were not financing this terror campaign by the Israelis, then we would not be as responsible as we are for this conflict in the eyes of people in the rest of the world. The land grab for the Greater Israel Plan must be stopped. We must stop paying for it with American tax dollars. The Israeli Government has an aid package in Washington to carry on this campaign for the next fiscal year and then they will be back for more as they have for the last 50+ years. Unless the American people stand-up and speak-out on these bills before Congress we will continue to be the financers of terror.

By our government financing Israeli terror on the Palestinian people, has brought terrorist actions such as 9/11 home to us. Without even recognizing the grievances of the other side there will be more terror on all sides. For the United States to continue to financing the current Israeli’s apartheid policies is being as two face as one can be by the rest of the global nations. Only Israel and the United States will not sign the International Treaty banning the use of land minds. They are the only two nations with the military power who can stop the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinian people on the road to peace.

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