Saturday, April 01, 2006


Made in America

The Jewish people of the world have a Day of Remembering. They don’t want people of the world to forget the Holocaust of World War II. Yet for the last five decades the Israeli government has been carrying on there own mini Holocaust against the Palestinian people. Palestinian people who family roots go back thousands of years are Semitic. They are Christian, Muslim, and Jewish people who human and civil rights are being violated by the Israeli government. Over the last fifty plus years scores of Palestinian people have been killed with ten’s of thousands of Palestinian homes bulldozed down into rubble and green zones for new Israel settlements. The size of the settlements and number of Jewish settlers in the West Bank double in number during the years of the Oslo Accords.

While the American people hear the Jewish side of the story Rarely do they hear the other side of the story that the rest of the world hears and see on their TVs. Millions of Jewish families are divide on there views in this life long crisis between the Palestinian people and the Government of Israel. A great number of Jewish Israelis opposed to their governments actions and policies toward the Palestinian people yet their voices are not heard in America mass media.

With many of millions if not billions of dollars damage being done onto the Palestinian people infrastructure by the Israeli government in the name of defense and security. A lot of this damage done with tools and weapons made in the United States and paid for in part by American Tax payers. Many Palestinian children probably think that Caterpillar Tractors are only made to destroy houses, village and roads and the Apache helicopters are made to shoot missile and gun to kill and destroy.

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