Sunday, April 30, 2006


Jewish State of Israel was Imposed onto the Palestinian People

Military retaliatory actions taken by the State of Israel are seen as being inflammatory by the Palestinian people. The Israeli military controlling the Palestinian society doing what they want whenever they want too. As the Jewish Israeli people expand into new land making it greener with new roads, schools, temples, and housing, it is at the expense of the Palestinian people and their society. The Israeli government has created conditions in the Palestinian society similar to those than that were imposed onto the Jewish people leading up to World War II in Germany. Even within Israel proper there are one hundred plus Unrecognized Palestinian Villages by Israeli Law that have no public water, electricity or roads.

If you don’t recognize it then it does not excise. This has been the corner stone to Israeli government policies from the beginning. It was only recently did the Israeli government recognize that there are a Palestinian people. Before the Israeli government viewed them as Arabs or Jordanians as many Jewish people still believe today. So many of the great wrongs in the world’s history went on for so long because if you don’t recognize it and it does not excise than there is no problem. This is one of the major roadblocks to the truth and a peaceful resolution that the majority of people on both sides can live by.

The Jewish State of Israel was imposed onto the Palestinian people and their Arab neighbors by the western industrial nations in 1947. From the very beginning of the Jewish State of Israel’s army were beyond their recognized boarders taking more Palestinian land in the name of defense and security of their Jewish State. Creating a steady stream of new Palestinian refugees up until today with the financial and military backing of the United States government. Only with major changes in policies and practices on both sides led by the Israeli government will the Palestinian and Arab governments change their ways for the better.

The land of Israel and Palestine without walls and the people living in peace together would be one of the most desirable destinations for tourists in the world. The history of the land has so much meaning to so many people around the world. Developing a major tourist industry that both sides can prosper from will only work in peace without a wall between the people. As there is a violent reaction from the Palestinian people towards the Israeli military occupation. There would be a positive reaction from the Palestinian people when the Israeli government reforms their ways towards the Palestinian society. Words from the other can’t be measured or trusted only their actions and deeds. What should be true for one side should be true for the other side as well in terms of the way people treat one and another.

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