Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Onward Christian Solders Marching on to War

There is little question whether the United States military could conquer and or destroy almost any nation in the world. The United States military capabilities cannot be match by any other single nation in the world. The same could not be said about diplomatic diplomacy concerning international disputes with other nations. The people of the United States and the government will deny that they are a modern day empire while many people and nations in the world perceived it to be that way.

As long as the United States national security and national interests are depended on huge amounts of foreign crude oil we will not be secure. As long as the United States federal debt and foreign trade deficit grow by hundreds of billions dollars annually we will not be secure. As long as the policies of the United States are we can go to war against any terrorist nation of choice. With little to no regard of the questions and concerns of the diplomatic core of the international community of nation we will not be secure. As long as the United States domestic and foreign policies remain out of balance to the realities on the ground we will not be secure.

The American right wing Pro Life, Pro Gun, and Pro War are united behind President Bush and the current United State’s policies. Trashing international diplomatic diplomacy while the United States, China, France, Great Britain, Russia and Israel supplying the world with weapon of death and destruction. The United States exporting 4.5 billion dollars and China exporting 3.1 billion of dollars of conventional military arms according to 2002 CIA fact book. We are supplying military weapons to our allies’ enemy making the world a more dangerous place. Without addressing the domestic and foreign problems of the United States we are positioning the world for a global economic implosion.

The United States government has the largest debt in the world with foreign people and nations financing a large portion of it. The American taxpayers spending a ½ trillion dollars or more for the first three years of the War in Iraq with no end in sight. There is little to no support from other nation’s governments in the world. Many international people, financial organizations and nations are losing confidence in the United States government’s policies and actions. As is the truth so to are the answers found in the middle of the two sides rarely on one.

The United States as well as a host of other nations must reduce their economical dependency on the military industrial complex while strengthening the role of their international diplomats. Only by understanding the grievances of the people on the other side will we find peace and security. As people in this world we all have the same concerns for our children, family, community, and nation no matter what side we are on. An act of War by one side is an act of terror on the other side no matter how you cut the pie.

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