Monday, April 10, 2006


Slander the French not the Zionist

It is so fashionable to criticize France for being so French but God forgive you if you criticize the Israelis bring so Zionist. The Jewish think tanks, political action groups, and lobbyists are very good at discrediting anyone who does not agree with their religious doctrine. They would have you believe that Before Christ everybody in the Holy Land was Jewish. That they are “God’s chosen people” and the Holy Land is theirs as a God given right. When in fact, this region was a tribal as most of the world at that time. Most people function within a tribal community with little contact of other people from the outside world. As society evolved with more trade and travel the need to find common ground with others developed. The Old Testament of the Bible was written by Jewish prophets to spread the word of their God.

The Jewish people over the course of time converted some non-believers into believers and some of the other non-believers into enemies. Many of the early traders in commerce where Jewish people as they travel spreading their word of God around the world of that time. From a tribal society of many gods, society evolved to a religion of one God of one people of many nations. Many of the first teachers were Jewish people using the Old Testament to teach the word of their God. Over many years different Jewish sects started up and Christianity at the time of Christ and Islam at the time of Mohammad sprung out of Judaism in the Holly Land. Both the Muslims and Jews see Christ as a prophet and not the Son of God. Both Christianity and Muslims have a hierarchy within their different religious sects.

Today many of the people of religious faith look back in history for the blame while using the name of God to make their argument for their case. The Jewish people are still a minority with a very strong global network of people willing to support the State of Israel that can do no wrong. To criticize the State of Israel is similar to criticizing the Vatican for any of their bad policies or actions, you are made out to be an evil person. Look at what the United States mass media did to the French society because of their position on the invasion of Iraq. If the similar slander that our mass media spewed about the French were aimed at any other group of people in the world, there would have been a cry to sue.

Around the world and in the United States it is the conservative religious right verses the secular progressive liberal with more tolerance for others and their different beliefs. This divides the people of nations and families often leading to war. Unless the United States and the people of the world move toward a universal secular platform of operations for what is in the best interest of the people of the planet. We will not be able to find an answer to peace that will work unless we are willing to living and operate our lives by a few golden rules one being “What is right for one side should be right for the other side too.”

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