Friday, April 21, 2006


A Balance has to be Reach

Understanding that the only thing written in stone that will never change is the day you are born and the day you die. Everything in between can change over the course of time. There are patterns in the ways things happen with certain forces influencing the patterns. We are currently in a power struggle with those people who want to use the big stick our military power to dictate our policies and ways onto other people and nations. Then there are those people who want to relinquish some of our power and control to a universal multilateral platform outside our system. For any bureaucratic person or department to relinquish power to an outside higher authority is not natural. It is even seen as threatening because they no longer perceive themselves in control with less power.

Working out the political and economic differences with people and nations with a different cultures and value system requires an understanding and ability to be able to compromise on our differences. Between the greed for more power and money and the lack of trust so much of this is lost. As a nation and people we are so close to the line sometimes crossing it for what we perceive to be in our own self-interest. This line is evolving and changes over time making what is considered to be right and true today to be different tomorrow including the perspective of yesterday.

Accepting the facts to reality that the large corporations have the greatest influence on our system and lives. That they are not humanitarian mission but corporations out for the most profit for their stockholders is their bottom line. Our governments bottom line is suppose to be what is in the best interest of the people as a human race. The United States being the leader of many of the new ways of the people of the world has an added burden of responsibility. Creating a conflict between what is in our own best self-interest as a nation or the global community of nations at large. A balance has to be reach where what is good for one will be good for the other as well.

Things never stay the same they are always changing sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worst. One of the greatest changes is the inter-dependency on other people for life as we know it. Taking so much for granted with so little thought. This is not making us more secure as a nation having to depend upon other nations of people for so much of what we have in the United States today. In the case of oil as one example we over step the boundaries of fairness to protect our national security. We will never have real national security until we make the needed changes to our energy policies making us much more self-sufficient using a lot less fossil fuel. A better balance between the direction of the human race and Mother Earth and Father Sky is needed by the corporation nations. Realizing we must improve our changes for the better and not for the worst.

If you could monopolize large profits for a few people in making peace instead of war, peace would have a better chance. This is one of the true facts to the reality of the world that huge fortunes are made in wartime not financing peacetime humanitarian missions. How we use our natural resources and power will determine our future as a society of the human race and the future of the planet earth. Without looking back not for blame but to correct some of the wrongs of yesterday to built a stronger foundation for a better tomorrow.

There are many answers for the same problem with no agreement. This is the biggest hurdle to solving many of our problems as the leading nation in the world today. With many of the problems having no one right answer but a combination of many different answers that are connected to other problems. Looking at the world?s problems on the macro level and solving them on the micro level is the only way of understanding it. This must be done on a domestic and international level with a clearer line between the two.

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