Sunday, April 23, 2006


It is Time for Radical Changes

If we are going to save the United States and for that matter the world, we are going to have to make major radical changes to our current path we are on. As long as things are working any changes will be met with great resistance from the establishment. Radical changes will only come about with the awakening of the American people to the true realities of the world. Un-fortunately this will only happen after the United States and the global economy implodes. Realizing to every action there is a reaction that will start a chain reaction taking us into a direction.

The sooner the United States makes the following changes, the sooner things will turn for the better. Bringing things into balance is the key to the problems we face as a nation and world. The people and nations of privilege have abused their power to serve their own self-interest with little to no regard to the rights of other people and nations.

The primary function of the United States Federal Government is to secure the American people from foreign invaders. In the name of global intelligence the United States Military has a present in over 120 nations while they have little to no presents at our national boarders and ports. With open international boarders and ports there is no real security to the American economy and jobs. The sky rocketing salaries of the people at the top of the capitalist economic pyramid are smothering those people at the bottom. This is the root to the immigration problem in America today where people are seeking a better economic way of life.

The leaders of nations and corporations have to work together in creating jobs with salaries of a good living wage. Where medical care is an affordably right and immigration is a privilege. Where the national and local laws on the books are enforced or changed to serve the best interest of the American people. The United States must lead by example and not military force using its power in a constructive way creating more and stronger allies. Today the United States military spending is 43% of the total world’s military spending. If the United States cut its military spending in half it would still be one of the world’s largest military forces in the world. The 240 billion dollars savings could be used in a much more constructive manner making us a more secure nation.

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