Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Israel United Nations

The United States has been under mining the United Nation’s authority and creditability. Today we want the United Nations to finish what we started in Afghanistan and Iraq bringing peace, security, and democracy to these two countries. Because one person or nation has military strength, does not make them competent in their decisions in the use of their military forces. Saddam, Sharon, and Bush are a good example of this with many other leaders of nations to follow. The United Nations in its mission has been supported in a time of need by the United States and if not in need of the United Nations services than disregarded and undermined.

The United Nations being the only universal forum where nations of people can bring their grievances before an international body to have them resolved. First the United Nation was created and then the State of Israel who has plagued the United Nations with problems ever since. The State of Israel could not have done this without the unconditional support of the United States in the United Nations Security Council. Refer to link; This is the time for the United Nations to stand up and challenge the United States position in some of its foreign policies. Before the United Nations takes on any more problems or commitments of the United States let us resolve the oldest on going dispute on the floor of the United Nations.

From the seeds we sow to the crops we reap. From the root of terrorism to the capitalist military industrial complex with one feeding the other, the war goes on. This cycle must be broken before we implode otherwise it will become a holy hell. Only with major changes on the part of the United States, United Nations and the State of Israel, will and can things get better.

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